About Me

Hello wonderful person who has taken the time to come read my about me page! Allow me to introduce myself.

I am Alex Sharp, a Project Manager who recently graduated from Vancouver Film School, School of Creative Technologies. At VFS I took the Game Design Program and was a member of the small., yet amazing, GD 49 class.

Shadoa (Black) and Tara (Multi Coloured)

Shadoa (Black) and Tara (Multi Coloured)

In my personal life I am a full time cat dad. My two cats, Shadoa and Tara, are as insane as they are cuddly. Cats have been part of my family since I was young. If you want to see cat photos, I’ve got you covered.

Gaming has been part of my life since I was born. I was born to very nerdy parents, who chose to read books such as Lord of the Rings to put me to sleep. They also were the ones who introduced me to video games. I watched my father play FPS games such as Halo and Splinter Cell and I also watched my mother play Myst and Elder Scrolls : Morrowind. I quickly picked up RPGs, as I loved character building and learning about fantasy worlds. When other children my age were watching cartoons and playing with toys, I was watching Star Trek, Star Wars, and play acting in fantastical worlds of my own creation.

From left to right : Myself (Alex), Liz (Sister), Allison (Mother), and Rod (Father)

From left to right : Myself (Alex), Liz (Sister), Allison (Mother), and Rod (Father)

Once my sister and I were older gaming became a family affair. At one point there were six family members playing World of Warcraft. While my sister and friends “grew up” and moved on from games, I was driven to play more games. In High School I took two game creating courses. One was half a year long and is where I fell in love with making games.

I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. My family and I play Catan or go axe throwing together. To this day I still play with my family, right now I am playing a lot of Destiny 2 with my father and friends.

If you have any questions, please send me an email!

Hello! We love our Human, Alex! Message him if you have any questions!

Hello! We love our Human, Alex! Message him if you have any questions!




Alex Sharp

Vancouver, BC

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