Hell, My Dear is 2D action puzzle platformer where the player controls a teenage warrior, Noya, and her supernatural sword, Ibi. They are in a fight against demons escaping from the portal to hell... The portal they opened. Noya uses Ibi to defeat demons and summon platforms of light to better traverse the environment.


My Responsibilities

  • Used agile and hybrid scheduling strategies

  • Created and maintained communication plan

  • Scheduled all tasks

  • Worked with the team to clear blockers

  • Organized, ran, and collected data from play tests


Personal Post Mortem

Hands On or Hands Off?

  • At first I managed all team members the same, however, I quickly learned that each person requires their own management style. While some needed detailed lists and consistent check ins, others simply need their tasks for the week and then a quick check in at the end of the week.

Different Experiences

  • Every person has a different background and skills that they bring to the team. Learning everyone’s strengths and weaknesses allowed the team to learn and grow from each other.

  • Knowing when to have an experienced team member take over a task from another who is still learning was a challenge I had on this project. Figuring out when to transfer task between team members became something I had to do as PM regularly. Checking with both the person giving up the task and the one who would be taking it on seemed to be the best solution I found while working on this project.

Learning Curve

  • Hell, My Dear was a school project with all team members being new the their roles. This meant the whole team had a very hard learning curve. This taught myself and the team that it is very important to ask for help from those around you.

  • Personally, My learning curve was very steep. This project was the first time I was Project Manager in both title and role. Learning how to handle certain situations as well as what I was able, and not able, to do to help my team was something I learn during this project.